3 Useful & Educational Apps

With thousands of many educational apps for your smart phone or tablet, how could there possibly be a limit on learning opportunities at your fingertips? — I looked around Apple’s App Store on iTunes and found a few apps that had good 5-star ratings and reviews. These apps seemed to be very educational and beneficial to a lot of people from what I’ve read in the reviews.

  Alpha Writer — This app aims for younger children and teaches them the basic foundations of language. They can also learn how to read, write and spell with fun illustrations and dynamic interactions. Some say Alpha Writer is “an exceptional app” and “kids love it”.

  Scales & Modes — An interactive audio and visual reference for diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music. You can see fingerings, view major and minor modes and listen to the scales. One person said that it’s the “best and clearest way to understand and study”.

  Frog Dissection — This app is especially suitable for middle school students who are learning about organs and organ systems as a part of their life science subject. They can try dissecting a virtual frog as if it was like a real procedure, but without the mess. I’ve actually tried this app; I thought it was super cool and interesting to look at all the organs.