Sydney Opera House  If I chance to travel to any place in the world, I definitely want to go Austrailia. I really want to see wild kangaroos hoping around and koalas hanging around in trees. But I really would love to visit the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, New South Wales. I think the building is beautiful and the scenery is just great. (: (pics w/ links, YAY.)



Baboon Takes in Stray Kitten at Israeli Zoo

At a Israeli zoo, a baboon adopted a kitten who strayed into its cage and refused to leave. The baboon now cares for the kitten and rarely leaves it out of her sight. Footage show the baboon checking the kitty for fleas and caring for it as it would for its own infant. But often, the baboon can be seen stealing the cat’s food. They are definitely a pair that do not always get along. Until then, they will be a unlikely pair that will forever enjoy each other’s company.

Lovey Dovey, Dovey~

Lovey dovey, dovey oh-oh-oh-oh~
On April 2, 2012, St.319, a dance group from Vietnam, uploaded a dance cover of Lovey Dovey by T-ara. The cover has almost 2 million views and over 25,000 likes. I really liked how they added a storyline with the song; it was very cutesy and the dance was well executed, too. It complemented well with the ear-catching melody of the song. I don’t know about you but my favorite part is the “lovey dovey, dovey oh-oh-oh-oh~” (:

3 Useful & Educational Apps

With thousands of many educational apps for your smart phone or tablet, how could there possibly be a limit on learning opportunities at your fingertips? — I looked around Apple’s App Store on iTunes and found a few apps that had good 5-star ratings and reviews. These apps seemed to be very educational and beneficial to a lot of people from what I’ve read in the reviews.

  Alpha Writer — This app aims for younger children and teaches them the basic foundations of language. They can also learn how to read, write and spell with fun illustrations and dynamic interactions. Some say Alpha Writer is “an exceptional app” and “kids love it”.

  Scales & Modes — An interactive audio and visual reference for diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music. You can see fingerings, view major and minor modes and listen to the scales. One person said that it’s the “best and clearest way to understand and study”.

  Frog Dissection — This app is especially suitable for middle school students who are learning about organs and organ systems as a part of their life science subject. They can try dissecting a virtual frog as if it was like a real procedure, but without the mess. I’ve actually tried this app; I thought it was super cool and interesting to look at all the organs.

Things Needed in Case of Emergency

   In case of an emergency, such as any natural disasters, you and your family should always have an emergency kit. Since you do not know when an emergency will occur, it would be better to be safe than sorry. A few things an emergency kit should have are: -perishable food
-first-aid kit
-extra money/change
-AM/FM radio
It would also be a smart idea to prepare supplies for your home, work and car since you do not know where you will be when an emergency happens. Also, your family might not be together when disaster hits, so plan on how you will contact each other. You could think about how you will contact each other in different situations. — Let’s all stay safe. (:

New Charizard Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo Japan has released a new Charizard themed 3DS XL to complement the Pikachu themed 3DS XL that was released in Europe early this month. The only way to buy this 3DS XL is to take part in a special lottery that will be held between November 3rd through November 26th. Those lucky enough will be choosen to have a chance to buy one for around 18,900 ¥ between December and January. But I’ll just wait for it to be released in North America in the next billion years or so. :/ If only I could live that long..

Thoughts on Survivor: Philippines (Ep06)

 (NOTE: Spoiler Alert!)
Did you watch last night’s episode of Survivor: Philippines? I did; I was shocked. I can’t believe Kalabaw voted out Katie, I was sure of it that they were going to get rid of Penner. But I don’t know what was more surprising. The fact that Carter asked Penner to his face if they should vote him or Katie out next or Johnathan not picking up on it. Though I thought it was funny that Carter kept complaining that he was hungry, haha. Tonight’s episode was definitely a blindside.

Language Arts is the Most Beneficial Class

I think the most beneficial class in school is Language Arts, also known as English or Literature. Language Arts teaches children good language, writing, and reading skills, such as grammar and punctuation. It helps children to improve their attitudes and reading ability, develops thinking skills, and deal with their problems. I believe this subject will be used forever, throughout everyone’s life.